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Six Things I Do to Try to Sleep

Six Things I Do to Try to Sleep

I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I’m a high stress individual so it’s not surprising but… it can get annoying.

The thing is I don’t get sleepy. I get tired, but if I wait it out a few hours I’ll get a burst of energy. Generally it happens right when my head hits the pillow.

Over the many years I’ve developed a little arsenal of things that I do to help ease myself into slumber.,

Tea > Warm Milk

Yes, warm milk contains tryptophan but the amount you’d have to drink to benefit from it would definitely not make for a good sleep. I usually drink warm milk in my morning coffee so a part of me wonders if there’s a psychological connection that keeps warm milk from helping me sleep.

Herbal tea however? I love it. I try to keep chamomile for when I’m sick or before bed so I can create a bit of a sense memory.

I mean, they literally make a tea called Sleepytime and it is magical.


There’s a reason journalling is always quoted as a great way to get your mental health on track. You know how your brain tends to play this weird, “let’s review everything you did wrong today” game? I find it helps to write it out because when you carry out the situation and let it run its course then read it back you tend to realize jut how ridiculous of a thing you’ve fathomed. It’s a great way to let something go.

Playing an instrument/Doing a hobby

Before I got married I always had my guitar beside my bed. Music is incredibly soothing and it just let me get everything out. Once I had a few songs I could actually play it was a good way to turn my brain off a bit but still remain occupied and challenged.

Now that I’m not in the habit of making a lot of noise- Adam can sleep anytime, anywhere and I don’t want to risk waking him up- I find that knitting works well as a take to bed hobby.


Meditation is hard. It takes a lot to be able to just turn off your mind. I love the Buddhify app because it keeps the meditations short and treat it almost like a game. or thought exercise. I’ve tried a tonne of meditation apps and I haven’t been able to find a better one.


This is going to feel a bit like I’m saying, “hmmm ChemKnits, so boring I fall asleep” but hear me out. ChemKnits is a youtube channel that’s all about dyeing yarn. The host, Rebecca, uses literally anything with dye- Food colouring? sure. Skittles? She tries it. Gatorade? It’s gotta get it’s colour from somewhere. She comes at dyeing from both a calculated perspective and an experimental, fun perspective.

Her voice is also incredibly soothing.

Between that and the pretty yarn colours it lulls me into a super relaxed, dreamy state.


This one’s a bit of a tricky one. If a book is too good… well, I’ve been known to just not sleep until the book is done. Reading a physical book tires out your eyes and mind in a way that definitely makes you ready for a nap. I tend to read if I know I’m not going to sleep for a bit so that if I stay up at least I’m doing something.

Sometimes sleep can be hard but if you have a good arsenal of activities then at least you won’t be lying in bed calculating to the minute how long you have to sleep if you fall asleep rightnow.

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