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Resort 2020- Prada

After falling in love with lots of the Christian Dior resort pieces I’m excited to delve into more.

Don’t get me wrong here. This is a beautiful coat. I’m always down for a structured pea coat. What’s confusing me is how is this resort? I mean, maybe you’re vacationing in Tasmania?

I think these shorts are… fine? What I’m confused about is this kind of blob silhouette. The smocking and the embroidery reads really child wear. I mean, it’s not offensive and I suppose on the right person it could work but it doesn’t feel very Prada to me.

I like the blazer, and I really like the shirt under it. I’m a bit fan of nice cotton shirts with shorts in the summer and this looks like it has some shape at the waist. They’ve also shown a shirt dress version that looks really cute.

This skirt caught my eye because it’s got a big of a tiered peasant skirt thing going and Dior alluded to it as well. Are we in for a bit of an early 2000’s revival? I love a wool fisherman’s vest and I’d love to make a version of this to wear with jeans. In the winter…

I think this skirt might be really pretty. I like the beading- it looks like she’s wearing a necklace as a sash. I’m also really into the shoes. I love a good t-strap!

I’m honestly feeling a bit let down by this collection. Quite frankly, I’m confused. I understand that as fast fashion keeps up it’s pace that the season’s shows are a bit all over the place, but… I just don’t know how this can be called resort.

When you think of Prada you think of a very certain type of woman. A very polished, sophisticated woman and I feel like this collection is very infant and sloppy.

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