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Resort 2020- Christian Dior

I’ve always tried to keep up with the runways. It’s easier to spot a dupe on a clearance rack when you, you know, know what you’re duping. Also, the DIY inspiration is beyond beneficial.

Resort Collections are very summer focus- they were made for the jet-setters who would go on luxurious vacations and needed a wardrobe for it. If only…. For the rest of us, there’s just some great summer inspo.

You can see all the looks on Vogue.

I like the way the coat is proper on top and fringed on the bottom. I don’t think it’d be too hard to make a less structured vest with the same fray on the bottom. I’m not sure about the sash, but I like the idea of finding some elaborate trim and making it a bag strap.

The thing that excites me the most about this entire look is the possibility that arm parties are back. Only wearing two bracelets has really been killing my vibe.

Well doesn’t this just straddle the line between jumpsuit and onesie. I mean, it looks comfy.

The thing that excites me here is the accessories. I’ve wanted to get more into playing with shoes and I don’t think these would be hard to make- you’d just need something for the strap- it looks almost wicker-esque- and some ribbons. I definitely wouldn’t make them a heel though.

I’ve never been a fan of basket inspired bags but I like how this one is very much structured like a purse. I wonder if it’s time to learn basket weaving?

I love circle skirts in heavy fabrics. I think this but shorter could be insanely cute. I’m really into the thick headband, and the necklace would be super easy to DIY. To be fair, I love pearls- they go with everything!

I love the fabric, I love the waistband one the skirt, and I love the sleeves. What’s really catching my eye here though is the fraying at the top of the boots. I love making basics just a little bit different.

I love this fabric in an a-line mini. The good thing about these rusty/mute-y colours is you could wear it with tights into the fall and winter.

This bag is a lot more of the Jane Birkin basket and I’m just not into it. I think it’s just so little girly that it’d be tough to pull off. The shoes are also drawing my attention- again, I think they’d be easy to make, especially if you had a pair that already had the toe placement. The only thing I’d majorly change is the heel. They just don’t look like they have enough support to be comfy as a heel.

I love this dress. From the neckline to the length to the pattern… I mean, I love it.

I also love the necklaces, and I love how easy they’d be to DIY.

I’m intrigued by the skirt. It almost looks like the pattern is made up by layering ribbon onto the pleating? It’s an interesting technique. I love the trim at the bottom as well.

The tassel bracelet also grabbed my attention. I think the hardest part would be finding or making the right kind tassels.

This dress is amazing! I love the split neckline and the embroidery around it. Sewing patterns for dresses like this are super easy to track down- which is excellent because this would look amazing in black.

I love this dress so much. I’d round out the armhole- it looks great on the model but I’d be worried about armpit fat- and I’d shorten it, but a pattern like this is easy to find and the slight keyhole is easy to make. I’d definitely keep the princess lines and I mean, if I could find that pattern… Honestly though, I need to find more occasions where I could wear a casual gown.

It’s amazing how much of a difference skirt fullness can make. This is still very long and very printed, but it feels so much more casual.

I love that Christian Dior has included a more wearable outfit on the runway. A lot of people who aren’t really into fashion don’t get it because they just see ridiculous, “who would wear that” outfit pictures. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking one individual standout piece and styling it with jeans and a t-shirt.

I swear I bought this exact belt in 2009. Sometimes being a bit of a hoarder pays off.


The thing that really strikes me about this skirt is the texture. It’s almost like it’s made up of ribbons being sewn onto a skirt… or it’s been incredibly stiffened.

I also adore those shoes!

For some odd, unknown reason I didn’t buy or make one of these tulle, It’s essentially a less puffy romantic tutu and I’m all about that. This one almost looks like it’s been belted on.

I like how they’ve done a bigger belt here. I think I was right and that it’s some kind of belt set up. I love anything that I can make to be removable or adaptable because it extends your wardrobe SO much.

This skirt almost looks like the peasant-type layered ruffle skirts that were really big in like, 2002. I like it.

I love this dress. It’s just so elegant, but also really relaxed and breezy. Honestly this is everything I want resort collections to be. And it’s black, so…

I like the blazer and I like the skirt. I had a pretty good think and I’m mostly just confused as to how this is resort. I guess if you’re vacationing in like, Scotland? I say, as I look out on a dreary, rainy spring day in Ireland.

I love a well made infinity dress. I put my bridesmaids in them- check out Julia if you’re looking for a good knit one, her and I made them together! I love doing the knotted sleeves, and this dress got me thinking, could I do an infinity dress in a woven? Hmm…

At first I thought this was made of sweatshirt material, but upon closer inspection it appears to be some sort of denim. I love the print and it looks comfy as all hell. Perfect for a plane with leggings and boots.

Sometimes designer inspiration is super easy. It wouldn’t be hard to find or make a white circle skirt and then paint some black patterns on it. If you could find a black and white patterned tee, then it could be this easy.

Again, this is giving me major infinity dress ideas. In any case, this is an incredibly common sewing pattern to find.

I love this dress. I love the fringe on the top, I’m not sure about it on the bottom. I’m not super into the look of it, but not hemming is my jam.

Overall I really liked this collection. I think it’s simple enough to be mostly wearable, but still exciting.

It mostly made me realize that I need to go places where I can wear gowns.

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