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Resort 2020- Chanel

I’m nervous about this one. It’s our first Karl Lagerfeld-less Chanel collection and… I mean, it’s a lot of feeling. While he wasn’t perfect, who is?, he sure had a lot of talent.

I love the whole Around the World in 80 Day’s vibe. It’s not super cruise/summery, but it’s definitely very travel inspired and I’m into it. I love this belt, and I’m 100% sure I could very easily DIY it.

I’m very conflicted about fancy fanny packs. On the one hand, I admire the functionality. I have a friend who wears a full on fanny pack all the time and she’s always super comfy and ready to go. I guess if you can pull it off? Could you even fit anything into these? See, now I’m looking at it and just see the unfortunate phone holsters of my childhood. The more I look at it the more I think of the things that viking woman had over their aprons that carried all their stuff.

It’s just a lot of emotions.

Okay, so this totally looks like PJ’s and I’m definitely into it. I love to talk about fashion and I love to dress up, but day to day I’m definitely team sweat pants. The thing about this is it’s giving me what I want from resort. Imagine wearing this as you have breakfast on the balcony of your fancy hotel in Nice. It works.

I don’t know why I love this top. I wouldn’t trust it unless it had some major support built into it, but it’s a cute idea for the top of a dress.

This is the necklace version of that belt. I really think it’s as simple as threading ribbon through some chain and tying a bow. Maybe securing it with some glue, but I mean, so easy!

I like the placement of the bow here, and I like that it’s a real top. It makes it feel a bit more like something an adult woman would wear.

Flavor Flav chic.

Together the top and pants are giving me major PJ vibes. I mean, I wish my sleepwear was this chic. That top with a cute pair of shorts? Amazing. Imagine those pants with a white tee. Effortlessly chic and perfect for a vacation.

I love the bow moment, and I think this is the most translatable way to do it. If one could find very wide ribbon.

I’ve seen this tiered peasant skirt in every resort runway so far. They’re super easy to make and look good on almost everyone so I’m here for it.

I love how classic Chanel this is. It’s structured but still summery. A part of me wants to stock up on Chanel suits and spend a month seeing if they actually suit me.

If memory serves me right, this kind of chiffon flower thing was in a few runways in recent seasons. I love it for resort, you could just see this girl cruising around Monte Carlo.

Chanel didn’t start with Karl Lagerfeld and it certainly didn’t die with him. I’m actually really into a lot of the looks this season. They captured the adventurer spirit as well as the luxurious vacationer. And, most importantly, they gave me a good dose of DIY inspo.

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