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No7 Make-Up Brush Cleaner

No7 Make-Up Brush Cleaner

So. I’ve been sitting on this for a while because I really wanted this stuff to work.

When I first moved to Ireland I had forgotten my brush cleaner in Australia, and I’m sure I don’t need to be the one to point out that dirty brushes are quite possibly the worst ever for your skin.

Just so bad, and so unnecessary.

I was excited by the prospect of this and not just because it was buy two products and get a whole whack of stuff free. Boot’s No7 Make-Up Brush Cleaner is a bit like the dry shampoo of brush cleaners. It was only €9 so I figured why not give it a shot?

I bought this after three months in Australia where I kind of veered very, very far off my “wash your brushes every week” routine and they were actually disgusting. I mean, beyond a little bit dirty.


So, the prime example, my always dirtiest, the foundation brush.


Obviously a lot of the product build up was removed. I can’t say much about that. It wasn’t a full clean, but Boot’s very specifically states that this is made for when you can’t soak your brushes. That’s fair. In the respect of doing what it says it does, this is a great product.

I think we can all sense the but coming.

There was a strange dryness to all my brushes. I was too scared to put my natural bristle brushes through this a second time. My beauty blender dried out and broke. Granted, it wasn’t exactly new, but it’s quite the coincidence that I’d never had a problem with it until I used the No7 cleaner.

It also uses a lot of product. To be fair, I do have a good collection of brushes, but it shouldn’t take a quarter of the bottle to clean them all. It’s also recommended you use a tissue or paper towel to wipe your brushes and I just hate using that much single use paper. I tried it with a cloth and found no difference, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t just recommend a reusable option.

I think this might have a place if you’re the type to share brushes a lot and just want a quick clean, but the amount it dried out my brushes I can’t recommend it.

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