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Men's Spring/Summer Fashion Week 20/20 - St. Laurent

Men's Spring/Summer Fashion Week 20/20 - St. Laurent

I’m always intrigued by men’s fashion weeks- I find them a bit more low-key, but still inspiring. Plus, androgyny is in, no?

I really like the way this shirt is styled. I could see myself doing this with a button down, high waisted skirt, and a cute belt.

One of my favourite things about men’s fashion is the blazers. If you found a velvet blazer and some small paillote’s this would be a really easy DIY.

from vogue.co.uk

from vogue.co.uk

Circus chic? For reals though, I could see this embellishment on a black blazer.

Or, I mean, keep it red if you’re feeling extra extra.

All I see in this suit is that How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney buys a suit where the pinstripes are real diamonds.

I’m into it.

I think the reason why this one sort of works is that the rhinestones are black. Again, this is a really easy DIY, you just need a blazer or pants, a LOT of black rhinestones, and even more gem-tac.

I love a long slouchy sweater. I also really love the thick ribbons on this one- thick ribbon like this is excellent for covering up stains from when you spill on yourself.

I’m calling this a Trip to the Moon chic. If I were rich and they made it in my size I’d honestly buy every piece here.

I recently tried to make a cocoon-y kimono. I haven’t sewed in a while, and for some unfathomable reason I decided to have a go at chiffon on a machine I’m still new on. It didn’t turn out well.

The point is, I think given a fabric like this that might be easier to work with, as well as some good embellishments and glue or a needle and thread you could easily replicate this. It’s kind of perfect for a day to night piece.

I think I need a denim jacket. And a butterfly patch.

Seriously, this is a DIY that would take maybe an hour of finding a patch that’s similar, and less than a half hour of hand stitching.

I love anything long line. It just makes basic outfits look so much more elegant.

It’s like one mind.

I actually did a quick Primark search and found a great wine moto jacket that I think would look amazing with this embellishment.

I could see this top with a pair of skinny jeans and heels on a night out.

I love a good feather embellishment. I think this would look amazing in black.

Men's Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 - Philipp Plein

Men's Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 - Philipp Plein

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