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Men's Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 - Philipp Plein

Men's Fashion Week Spring Summer 2020 - Philipp Plein

Let’s get some inspiration…

I love these boots. A lot of Philipp Plein is stuff I love and would have so much making- I love covering things in rhinestones- but I’m not sure if I would ever wear.

That said, I don’t intend to live in a small town forever, so why not do thigh high boots covered in rhinestones and belts?

I mean, glitter jeans. I think the hardest part of these would be finding a way to pack on the glitter so that it stays on but also doesn’t have that crunchy look. I mean, look, you’re not going to “tone down” glitter jeans, but I like the way the dark fabric in the patches gives it a… less extra vibe? I mean, they’re glitter jeans.

I’m also just sitting here wondering why I don’t own studded pastel rainbow thigh high boots.

Seems essential, really.

I love the blazer. The way it’s only embellished on one side is really cool. Again, I shouldn’t really call anything in this collection “toned down” but it’s definitely incredibly wearable.

I’m going to start with the shoes. They do the same belt-y thing as the boots, but… I feel like you can get away with a crazy heel easier than crazy thigh high boots. I’m not going to call this shoe subtle, but a little bit.

Now that that’s discussed…

I will literally buy this dress if it even comes close to being made in a size that fits. This is the dress I’ve been waiting for in my life.

I have a tonne of sequins leftover from my shoes, I mean… The positives of this blazer are it’s super diy-able, but also, it would just light up your face in such a flattering way. Think of the reflection possibilities!

Alright, so this might look a tad bit like errant wallet chains, but there’s just something that I like about it. I think the movement on it would be really cool.

I’ve always liked having detail on the shoulders. It draws attention up towards the face and is a really cool, manageable embellishment.

I’m really into a feminized tuxedo. I mean, it’s so cute.

I wouldn’t want it in white though. I’d spill on myself in like, five seconds.

This dress reminds me of a dress I made myself years ago. It was the same shape, but not a wrap and a bit high necked. I loved that dress and I think it might be time for a new one.

I also love the belt. Really, it wouldn’t be more than thick elastic, either a proper belt closure or some very secure snaps and some cool embellishment.

I kind of regard Philipp Plein as the king of embellishment. If you've got sequins, studs, and a wardrobe in need of some jazzin’ then there’s no better inspo.

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