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Mavior Beauty Brush Review

Mavior Beauty Brush Review

Recently a company called Mavior Beauty reached out to me about trying their brushes. They hooked me up with a Rose Golden Summer Dreams Collection and over the past two months I’ve put these brushes through the ringer.

First Impressions

The shipping was quick, but when they came the box was a bit lighter than I thought it would be. I like a heavy makeup brush so I was a bit concerned.


The packaging is seriously beautiful. I’m such a sucker for a nicely packed box. Everything was accounted for, and I have to say the brushes are really pretty. The rose gold is gorgeous and the drops on the bottom look really luxe.

They were light though. They didn’t feel cheap, just light. I weighed all the brushes and the sponge in the pouch and it came out to about 125g. I was again, concerned, but this turned out to be a bit of a godsend.

I was super anxious to try these so I went and did a full face. I’m not going to lie to you, I wasn’t impressed. I found that they didn’t have a lot of colour pick up ability; however, I loved how well they blended. I figured I’d give them a wash and try them again.

The Brush Cleaning Pad

I’ve always wanted a brush cleaning mat. This one’s really good because, well, first off it’s cute, You just slip it on your hand and use the ridges to really get in there. I’ve used this with all my brushes and I think it’s 100% worth the investment.

I followed instructions and used the brushes for what Mavior said they’re used for.

I followed instructions and used the brushes for what Mavior said they’re used for.

I decided to do a comparison. The left side of the photo- where I’m holding the brush- is the Mavior side. The other side is the brushes I usually use.

The Foundation Brush

I’m not a big foundation brush person. I use them more to mix up whatever foundation/beauty oil combo I’ve made and transfer it to my face. It did a good job of transferring, the bristles felt nice- almost paper-y. I reach for this just as much as I do my other foundation brushes.

The Ultra Soft Blender/Sponge

If there’s one single standout in this collection it has to be this. It picks up water in a way that I’m a bit obsessed with. I find a lot of sponges take up too much water and they just get too wet. This one is perfectly damp, it’s soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to get the job done. I reach for this more than any other sponge I own.

The Powder Brush

This brush is DENSE. I tend to veer towards a looser, flat brush. They say to use this for powder and bronzer. While I’m not a fan of it for powder I reach for it every day to do my bronzer. I also love it for powder foundation. It manages to give great coverage and blend out powders in a beautiful, non cakey way.

The Contouring Brush

I’m not a fan of this for blush- I find it applies to heavily and makes it look a bit streaky. I don’t contour often, but when I did this brush worked a treat for it. I reach for this now to do highlighter. It blends things really well, and it gives the perfect size stripe with enough product so it’s noticeable but still buildable if I’m feeling extra extra that day.

The Shader, Contour Shader, and Short Shader Brushes

I’m grouping these together because I have the same kind of thoughts on all of them.

I like flat shadow brushes. I find they give the best colour payoff. For transferring pigment onto my eyes I wasn’t a fan of any of these.

However, these were all amazing for blending out pigment. I always use a clean brush for blending and these all worked so well. I tend to reach for these over other brushes when I’m blending out eyeshadow.

The Eyeliner Brush

I’m in love with this eyeliner brush. I used to wear eyeliner every day but lately I’m super out of practice. Apparently it’s not like riding a bike… mind you I can’t ride a bike either so.

I found this brush super easy to work with, and I think a part of that was how light it is. I could even touch up with my eyes open without fear. I love the shape of it… I mean, it just works.

The Blending Brow Brush

I tend to not do too much to my brows. I haven’t plucked or waxed them in over ten years. If I do anything too Insta-browesque my face just looks really weird, and not in an, “I’m not used to this look on me” way, just in a “wow, that really does not suit her” way. I like to just throw some brow gel in there to pick up the hairs that got covered in foundation. I usually use an angled brush to do my brows, but now this is my one true brow brush. I love the way it picks up and deposits product. It looks really natural and I’m super into it.

The Lip Brush

I like this brush, it’s a lip brush. It does what it needs to do. I think I’d like it better if it had some sort of a cover so I could take it with me for touch ups.

Here I just used the brushes the way I wanted in combination with other brushes.

Here I just used the brushes the way I wanted in combination with other brushes.

All up, I really do like this brush set. I took it to Malta and I found the definite advantage of it being a bit light- this set is more than ideal for carry on travel. While the pretty factor isn’t something I usually care too much about in brushes the fact that these are cute is nice.

I think the best thing I can say about these brushes is that I reach for them. I want to use them. Especially that sponge.

It’s amazing.

Mavior was amazing and decided to give me a coupon code for you guys- if you enter SandySalierno10 at checkout you’ll get 10% off and they’ll give me a bit of a thank you kickback. The code also works on top of sales and there’s a good sale going right now, so head over to MaviorBeauty.com if you need brushes.

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