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"Focallure" Babebox Review

"Focallure" Babebox Review

I’m addicted to boxes. If it comes in a subscription model, I want it. So when I saw an ad for your first Focallure Babe Box free I jumped on it.

It literally just came in the mail and man do I have thoughts.


I found it a bit weird that they put a Maybelline product in a dedicated makeup brand box, but then i looked at the off centre packaging and realized it’s actually Babe Skin by Can Ya.

Apparently though it makes pores oilyBye. So, I mean, that’s something.

All up, I’m not 100% disappointed- I use Maybelline Baby Skin for my thighs to stop chafing, so maybe this will work?

In any case, I found it on amazon with two reviews that look very much like someone was paid to write them at $6.99.


The second thing I got was the Lanthome Vitamin C Serum. I mean, at this point I knew I wasn’t getting something 100% legit, but I like a good serum so I’ll roll with it. There’s typo’s on the box, it’s made in China. It’s not made by Focallure and isn’t listed on their website.

It is on Aliexpress for $2.27. It’s not the same bottle, but part of private labeling is choosing packaging, so…


I’m into the idea of a moisturizing pre-makeup essence. Anything I can do to boost my face a bit I’m down for. I shook my head at the complete lack of Focallure-ness in this and looked for directions. Of course, there was none.


Upon opening the box it came in I discovered it’s basically just a serum with silver glitter. Luckily, I found this on AliExpress for $2.29 and unearthed some instructions. They suggest using it as a primer (fair), mixing it with foundation (alright), or putting it on your lips before lipstick (no).


I love a sheet mask so I’m not mad at this. The instructions on the back contain precisely zero English words or numbers, but luckily I found this on Aliexpress and found out it’s pretty standard sheet mask instructions. And hey, if I like it it’s good to know it’s only $1.08.


So obviously at this point we know it’s a rip off. Let’s look at the only “Focallure product” in the box. It’s an eyeliner. Brush tip. Honestly, it looks fine. Especially considering it only cost $2.49 on Aliexpress.

The most interesting thing about this eyeliner is it’s not on the Shopfocallure site- i.e. the site that does the BabeBoxes. It is on Focallure.com- a site that has no mention of a subscription box of any kind. Another intriguing thing on Focallure.com? A page that lets you put in an authenticity code to see whether or not your product is real.

Want to place a bet on whether or not my eyeliner had an authenticity code?


So, what do I think?

The total box value was $15.12. For those keeping score at home that’s $13.88 less than the monthly subscription cost of $29- plus shipping and handling.

Also, that’s $15.12 if you buy each item individually. When you bulk buy from factories in China things get cheaper.

Another thing to note, they send like twenty emails a day with the cringiest subject lines you’ll ever read. “Did you forget about us?” “We’ll give your gift to someone else!” “I thought we were friends!” It’s actually pathetic.

I’m not mad at what’s in the box. They still have the get your first box free promotion. They have to make up for the cost somewhere. I’m not opposed to weird Chinese beauty products- honestly, a lot of what we buy is made in China anyway. I’m going to very cautiously try these.

I can’t speak to real Focallure products, but I can definitely recommend you stay far, far away from the weird knockoff fester that is the BabeBox.

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