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BabeBox Round Two - Redemption?

BabeBox Round Two - Redemption?

So, we all know I was less than dazzled by my first experience with the BabeBox. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything but disappointment when I got one this month. I’m not going to say I’m thrilled with it, but I am intrigued…

One big difference was the inclusion of this card. It puts the value at $101. On the other side they call this the “BabeBox evolution”. I noticed a distinct lack of Focallure branding, which was interesting.


So, first up is the Hair Chemist Limited Jojoba & Shea Butter Moisture Restore Hair & Scalp oil.

This one leaked in the pack and I wasn’t too jazzed about that, but what can you do. According to the BabeBox Packaging this is worth $14. According to Amazon, it’s $9.99. I love a good hair oil so I’ll definitely give this one a try.


According to the card this three pack of Spa Standards Avocado + Collagen Firming Facial Mask’s cost $29. I love sheet masks, so I’m okay with this. The thing is, I have a bit of an issue with the $29 price tag. I found these on a German site, but there’s no price anywhere. I also found an Amazon listing for an aloe version with no price and it leads to a store that no longer exists.

The manufacturing date on these is May 2017 so it’s possible that the company went out of business and BabeBox bought out all their dead stock?


Next up is a Vincent Longo Untitled Pearl-to-Matte Eyeshadow Trio. They value this at $25. For an eyeshadow it’s not bad- I like a good neutral so it should work.

I’m actually shocked because the only thing that makes me wonder if it’s not legit is that every listing I find for it shows it coming in a box and this came loose. I can’t find any knockoffs of it online, so I might have to go with the Amazon listed price of $30, though.. I’m not sure I trust it.


I always welcome a new brush so I was actually a bit excited about this one. Then I opened it. The bristles feel incredibly plastic-y. I’ll try it with makeup and if by some small miracle it works, yay! If not I use brushes that suck for crafting. BabeBox claims this brush is $11, alternatively, you can get it or $1.60 on AliExpress.

Finally, we have the Focallure Blush & Highlighter Palette in shade 01. They claim it’s worth $22, AliExpress says $3.60. That’s more like the BabeBox we’ve come to know.

Want to take a bet that my palette included an authenticity code to put in the real Focallure site?


They also stuck a $10 gift card in there.


All up, the “actual” value is $74.19- if you believe the price tag for the masks and eyeshadow… which I don’t.

After the last box I flat out called BabeBox a scam and… I can’t disagree with myself. They’re charging about $30 a month plus shipping. Even though the dollar amount checks out for this box I still don’t trust it. I’m definitely doing a patch test on everything before I wear it, just in case.

First impressions are really hard to overcome and since the first box was so bad they would’ve had to really hit it out of the park on this one and they just didn’t.

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