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My name’s Sandy Salierno and I’m a Canadian expat in Ireland. Thanks for visiting!

5 Canadian Things I Miss

5 Canadian Things I Miss

It’s Canada Day! Yay! If I were in Vancouver I’d probably have arranged a big party and would be out with my friends soaking up the atmosphere.

If I were in Dublin I’d be chasing down the poutine food truck and going to the bar that had caeser’s last year.

However, I’m in Kinsale. So, I’ll be trying to recreate Swiss Chalet and making the closest thing I can get to poutine without cheese curds.

For those that are curious, cut up string cheese. It’s not exact, but it’ll do the trick.

I’m not in a rush to move back, but there are definitely things I miss…


HI Shuswap

I love this place. You stay in an old caboose, you’re right on the lake, the owner is literally the nicest person in the world, and the pancakes are amazing. It’s honestly the perfect long weekend activity.

Poutine/Cheese Curds

A lot of these are going to be food based because, well, eating. I love poutine, I mean, is there any better food?

It’s peak indulgence.

Even more than poutine, I miss cheese curds. Adam and I used to go on hikes and we’d always stop at this cheese shop and get a bag of curds for the way home. I don’t get why cheese curds aren’t more common. I miss just eating a bag of them.


Life Brand at Shopper’s Drug Mart

I know this is a weird one, but stay with me. I used to be a self tan addict. I discovered one of the best tanners was the Tan Towel. It always went on even, and it was just a great colour for my skin. The problem? It was super expensive. One broke day I took a look at the Life brand box and discovered something that shocked me to my core. The Life Brand self-tan towelettes that, by the way, were less than a quarter of the price of the Tan Towel, had “manufactured by Tan Towel for Shopper’s Drug Mart” right there on the back with the Tan Towel logo and everything. That was the day I started my love for trying store brands and Life has really never done me wrong.

The detoxifying face mask with French clay? I buy them out of that when I’m in Canada. I will literally go to three or four stores and buy every. single. one. they. have. I haven’t been able to find a mud mask that’s half as good, let alone half as cheap. It’s truly magic stuff.

Shopper’s also has store brand makeup- Quo. I have a few of their brushes and I’ve only tried a few bits and bobs of their makeup but I’ve liked everything I’ve tried.

Throwback to the time before they had XL Coffees. Dark days.

Throwback to the time before they had XL Coffees. Dark days.


Sometimes you need 750mL of coffee (with three creams). Sometimes you need chicken soup at 3 am.

It’s good to know there’s a place you can get both for like, $5.

Craft Beer Being the Norm

This might be a very Vancouver thing, but even in the dodgiest pub they’ll have at least one craft option. I also miss going to small brewery’s and growler's. Growler’s- for those not in the know- are big jugs you buy at the brewery and get topped up. The growler itself is a bit of an investment at around $20, but filling them up is anywhere from $10-$15 for 2L of beer. It’s a great deal, environmentally friendly, and awesome for parties.

There’s lots more I miss. Tiger tail ice cream, Nanaimo bars, Panago, What’s Up? Hot Dog!, Devil’s Elbow…

I mean, moving away can be tough.

Especially if you’re doing it without Hawkins Cheesies.

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